Saturday, 12 May 2012

Where's JacK

please step aside young sir;  the prison gates opened and he came out into the cobbled streets smiling to the crowd. It was a cold damp November morning, but he had no hat and he wore his coat more for effect than for warmth. His hands were clasped in front of him and the full fashionable cuffs of the long black coat concealed the thick handcuffs round his wrists..'I believe today, is a hanging day, cum to watch me dangle have ya..?? ' Jack smirked..He stepped up into the open cart & saw without apparent shock the forbidding figure of the common hangman sitting on his coffin ~

Jack Sheppard, glamorous rebel, daring escapee and idol of the London mob, was one of the most legendary criminals of eighteenth-century England. When he finally met his end and was hanged in 1724, weeping girls and thronging crowds lined the road to the gallow-pole.

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