Thursday, 5 April 2012

keep ya money clean ~

at the absurd midpoint between a short life & a long life
a man of unknown origins neither rich nor poor
neither cunning nor cleaver unfit to be a metaphor
too large to be invisisible too small to be inviolable
awakes & dresses in a manner befitting a forgotten celebrity.

this is the midpoint of the story..a story remarkably like a life
a story he has refused to read & certainly failed to write
yet it is his story..his badly worded dream of regaining a tidiness of being
between a short life & a long life.

he has his breakfast..brushes his teeth..turns on the tv for companionship
says something loving to the lovely woman on the screen
puts his small gun in a jacket's inside pocket
then closes his eyes & plans his day
like a man who is watching a film about lonely angry gods
drowning in retribution ~

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