Tuesday, 9 October 2012

big-head ~

when I was a wee-lad, I was either playing footie or working on me sums..I was rubbish at the beautiful game, but my desire to steal other man's money proved well founded...I was fuckin' good at it..a canny Scotsman from the disant past helped me into my mornin' coat..joHn Napier , or to be precise his bones..Napier's Bones.. but  today if ya have trouble with large numbers get yourself a calculator..pen & paper is for the heaven bound or the plain stoooopid ..remember if  ya get your collar felt, the 'stick-up kid', will do real jail-time..the man who helps himself to your purse while ya playing on-line poker will live to steal another day _

have a 'gander' _ http://history-computer.com/CalculatingTools/NapiersBones.html

here's your man ...
                                                                                 Not to be confused with JoHn Dee or Edward Kelley... [the original schister- bros.]
btw; for the truly inspired , every skool-boy's nightmare  _                                                 ...http://history-computer.com/CalculatingTools/logarythms.html

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